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Health and wellness coaching to feel, look and sleep better. What does all of that really mean? The short story is that I’m like you.  I’ve worked hard, played hard and built a life I can call my own.  I was a sales professional in my younger days and climbed the corporate ladder and then when kids arrived I had to shift.  I believe that our life is full of shifts.  Our hormones shift and we feel tired, our hair falls out or we lose the motivation to exercise, that we use to love.  Our lives shift in a split second and we spend months, sometimes years recovering from an illness or a loss.

We all experience life differently, yet we’re all exactly the same.  We want to belong, we want connection and we want to be loved and want to love others.  Our friends and family are important to us and are sometimes our life line.  We are needy and independent.  We are weak and we are strong. We long to act like ourselves but then again something shifts and we find ourselves hiding again.

I believe that life is like a wave, it ebbs and flows. Sometimes the waves are rough and they toss us around.  Other days the waves are calm, warm and comforting.  When I began my health journey, it was because I had to help my little boy and then I had to help myself. 

Whatever has brought you here, I want you to know one thing.  I see you, I appreciate you and can’t wait to meet you.  I approach every woman I work with, with grace, kindness and some adventure.  Grace to honour who you are, kindness so we can trust each other and adventure because that’s how life is.  It’s an adventure and here it’s a health adventure and I’m happy to have you join along for the ride.


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