You're one action away from a breakthrough in your 40+ symptoms

Let's have some fun with your 40+ symptoms and turn them into your superpowers.

- REGISTERED holistic nutrition coach + wellness stylist - BA, RHNC

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Stephanie Huntjens White

Becoming a symptom superpower women, is the most effective way to cut through the health and wellness noise, for lasting energy and a sharper brain at the end of the day.

Hi! I’m Stephanie and I’m guessing you’re here because you have some of the many  40+ symptoms that I see in my holistic health coaching practice. 

If your body has shifted and left you with low energy, a scattered head and poor sleep, it’s not your fault!

The only way your body can connect and whisper to you, is by giving you “symptoms” which are a sign of unbalanced hormones. 

Having balanced hormones is the #1 way to lasting energy, a sharper brain and deeper sleep without feeling worn out at the end of the day.

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How it works?

Take One Single Step and become a symptom superpower woman

It all starts with a single first step.

Want energy to burn?  How about clear focused thoughts, happiness and level moods?

You’re one action away from a breakthrough in your 40+ symptoms

The Back-On-Track Blueprint calls are back for a limited time.

Find out how to create and rebuild an energized body. It’s a whole body approach to building energy + turning your symptoms into a secret weapon.

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“Thank you so so much…You are such a wealth of knowledge and sooo kind! Thank you so much for sharing so much with all of us everyday”

~ Kate Mulligan

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Leslie Johnston

"I just love being part of Stephanie's community! I've always struggled with low energy levels, anxiety and adrenal fatigue, and the straightforward, mindful guidance from Stephanie has been invaluable. I now have a practical guide to help me manage these things"

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Karen Pugh

"Really, really enjoying your videos...You're a wonderful presenter - so easy to listen to and obviously so knowledgable and passionate about your subject matter"

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Susan Atkins

"I thought I would be the last person ever to prepare home cooked and super delicious meals for my three growing teenagers and myself...But I am proud to announce that I really do now!!! I embraced the opportunity to learn a few meals with a wonderfully supportive and super encouraging woman Stephanie! A person who has a passion for cooking for her family for many many years...with her easy step by step recipes and ingredients the fear of screwing it up or the food inedible no longer exists.

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