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stop using willpower

Why willpower doesn’t work

How many times have you said “tomorrow I will…” stop eating so much sugar, caffeine, alcohol or start walking more, exercise first thing in the morning or get my daily meditation in…

It seems like an endless list of promises that you never stick to, which means you can’t even trust your own word. Ugh.

Willpower doesn’t work because it can’t stop you from eating the ice cream or chips 100% of the time. Am I right?

What can you do instead?  

Well the first thing is to be aware of what makes you tick and it can be as easy as what you like and don’t like. 

It’s also understanding what you value most. 

Do you love to jump out of bed and work-out first thing or do you sleep in and have a slow morning start with your kids or partner? 

It’s also about understanding what gives YOU energy and adds a little pep to your step!

Doesn’t THAT feel a little better than feeling like you and your willpower are letting you down? 

And what if the secret to willpower was in listening to YOUR own body instead of fighting against it?

What if all you needed to do, was to do the things you like, in the right way to fuel your body instead of stealing energy from it?

Let’s take a look at how using your body’s energy might be an easier solution.

Energy is generated when you feel happy and connected and ultimately to the people you love most.

When you have the most energy, you also feel the most joy, right?

You have energy to go dancing, stay up late watching a movie, have friends over and you have energy to clean the house before they show up.

You notice how beautiful the spring flowers smell, how bright the sun shines and the blueness of the sky. When you drive home, you get all green lights and easily come up with a healthy meal idea…everything is easy. 

Your hormones in your body work much like the energy in your body.

In fact, your hormones are called ‘signaling molecules’ and they are responsible for sending hundreds of messages in your body. 

Your hormones decide how much energy you can have today, how well you’ll sleep tonight and even how well you’ll digest the piece of cake sitting on your kitchen counter.

Your hormones will even decide whether you store the piece of cake as fat on your hips. Or whether it can be stored as energy in your muscles.

How can you get your hormones to work for you?

It would make sense that if your body thrives on energy, and is ruled by your hormones, then we’d need a recipe to generate lasting energy and hormonal balance at the same time.

And how do we do that?

First you  MUST understand that you are a powerful being. Your body is doing exactly what it was built to do.

Secondly you need to believe that…

You have the power to transform your body and ultimately your life.

What I’ve  found over the last several years of coaching women 1:1 inside my VIP coaching, The Flourish Inner Circle and The 10 Day Kickstart Reset, is to start off by focusing on 3 key hormones.  The key hormones that are the most effective at stopping our hunger and cravings are: insulin, leptin and ghrelin. 

When we balance these 3 hormones, at the same time, you will finally feel satisfied after eating a well balanced meal… 

No more bedtime snacking necessary 😉

You will also not suffer from sugar and carbohydrate craving binges, that love to sabotage your hard work. 

The Kickstart Reset is open now for only $27 and it’s main focus is to balance these 3 key hunger hormones.

Problems happen when you push your body BEFORE you naturally balance your hormones.

If you push against your body, say with a diet (calorie restriction) or with a hard sweaty workout, before you balance your hormones…Your body will push back on you. 

It will make you feel hot when you try to sleep. 

It can cause cravings and make you hungry. 

It can even make you gain weight!  Why? 

Because your hormones don’t know that you’re on a diet and eating less because you want to.

It thinks that you’re in a starvation mode so it hangs onto the weight and usually converts any calories into excess fat. 

By balancing your hormones first, you’ll give your beautiful body a clear message.

You’ll learn to trust your body, your hunger cues and know what your cravings mean. And the best part?  My favourite part? Is when you discover how to turn all of those hormone messages into your secret weapon.  How to eat the right foods at the right time for YOUR body and even exercise for your body naturally.

Fall in love with your body. Feel confident, in control and feel like you again.

It all starts with ending the frustrating cycle of trying to use willpower to help you sleep better, think more clearly or lose a few pounds.  Understanding what’s going on makes getting into action faster and your results even better!

You trust your body more.  You try new things and watch to see how your body reacts. 

You get faster results because you’re no longer guessing. 

Starting today, stop feeling frustrated by your lack of results because it’s not your fault.  Instead, learn to love your beautiful 40+ body because it’s trying to tell you something. Balance your hormones first to avoid the pitfalls and the fastest place to start is inside The 10 Day Kickstart Reset for only $27 usd. 

Want to learn more about working 1:1 with me?  Check out VIP coaching and book a free discovery call to get started

Connect with Stephanie online at or via her social media channels on Facebook and Instagram 

Stephanie Huntjens White is a holistic health coach who helps women 40+yrs thrive in their lives through mind & body wellness techniques. Helping women at this time of life learn to love their body again and powering up their energy is central to her teaching. From her own experience of living a vibrant life with an auto-immune disorder and other health problems, she has empowered scores of women back to health. Stephanie has over 20 years of experience, as a former corporate Mum, turned CEO of the I Can Cook Company, she is also a Registered Holistic Nutrition Coach (RHNC) and Wellness Stylist. You will find her running workshops, speaking locally, nationally and on virtual stages worldwide. 

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