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Tired ALL The Time?

Tired all the time?
You know, the drag your body around tired. So tired you could lie down in the middle of a sidewalk, and not care that people have to step over you? The kind of tired that makes you feel like you need a toddler afternoon nap, everyday, even after 8 hours of sleep.
Mention fatigue at the doctor’s office, and they’ll ask how well your sleeping. They’ll run labs to rule out disease, or mineral and vitamin deficiencies. Looking for clues, they might ask you about your emotional status and medical history.
So what can you do if you’ve been to the doctor’s office, and there isn’t anything “wrong” with you? The good news? You don’t have anything “wrong with you, and we can do something to put some pep back into your life.
No one solution works for everyone, but your body is beautiful, and knows what it’s doing. It’s now your job to figure out what it’s saying. It does take time, but our body drops clues all day, week, month and year long.
Lifestyle is the best place to start. When we give our body time to breath, release tension and relax it can have a profound effect on our energy levels. Meditation, restorative yoga, walks in nature and even pausing for a cup of tea is restorative to the body.
Taking a deep look at our stress levels and finding time to pause can bring tons of energy flooding back. Don’t rush this step. Take time to work new moments to relax into your day. When we take time to pause, we can help rebalance our stressed out hormones. Our hormones are the gatekeepers to our energy, and sense of wellbeing. Not to mention our waistline!
When we pay attention to our symptoms or signs, it gives us a big picture view. For instance, we all know that in the winter we get cold and bundle up. Have you ever felt so cold, you feel like you’ll never warm up? Then focusing on the “feeling cold” all the time, may be the sign you need to pay attention to and to the food we eat.
How are you starting your day? Do you start and end your day in the winter with cold foods like smoothies, cereal and salad? If so, then a switch to warming foods like savory breakfasts could bring immediate relief.
Hot porridge or oatmeal with a sprinkle of nuts and seeds will keep you warm and full for hours. Or try a scramble of ground turkey and spinach, or how about eggs and swiss chard and mushrooms? Soups are the best way to fill your belly with deep nourishment, and soup supports our immune systems too!
If you’re suffering from low energy you should look to the quality of your food. Are you eating a balanced diet of fat, fibre and protein at every meal? Do you add in a lots of colours of vegetables? Or do you think you’re having trouble with absorption?
Absorption can affect how well you’re digesting your food. Good food can’t be absorbed properly, if you suffer from leaky gut, parasites or even low stomach acid. Poor absorption can affect how well you absorb nutrients from the good food your eating.
You can support your gut health with probiotics and prebiotics. Probiotics are in fermented foods. Foods like yogurt, miso, sauerkraut (without vinegar) and tempeh and pickles. The natural fermentation are the building blocks of quality fermented foods. For this reason, avoid vinegar based sauerkraut and pickles.
Pre-biotics are the food that our gut bacteria feed from. Artichokes, green beans, green bananas (yes the greener the better) and cold rice and pasta. Yes, I said cold. When rice or pasta are cold the starch in the rice and pasta are converted into gut healthy prebiotics.
So there you have it. A simple roadmap to start you on your journey to renewed energy and vitality. Pick only one or two things from this list to add into you day. Too many things and you won’t know what it working!
Also, remember to pause and reflect before beating yourself up for feeling tired. It takes time to turn our health around, but your beautiful body knows what it needs, we only need to stop and listen.

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