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Why you need to fall in love with your 40+ body

The push back from my body, was harsh. 

The old tricks of eating less and exercising to lose weight were no longer working.

But the worst of it, was feeling like my foggy head was trying to go in a hundred directions. 

And then I was not getting anything done well, was the most difficult shift in my body to get used to.

I mean…Come on! 

I’m a resourceful, driven and passionate woman.

I’ve worked “big” corporate jobs, handled millions of dollars in sales and had a 2 million dollar budget. 

I’ve had 3 kids, all by c-section and I bounced back, ran a marathon and dozens of half marathons. 

How hard could it be to figure out why my body was letting me down?

Was it hard?

You bet!

But that was over 20 years ago. 

Today, I’m here to tell you that THE most important part of your shifting 40+ journey, is to tell you that it’s okay. 

You don’t have to keep walking around in a stranger’s body

Your body’s shift is a natural shift in hormones. 

Hormones like estrogen, progesterone and growth hormone to name a few. 

They’re the hormones that give you your sexy libido, your calm  cool cat personality and your glowing skin.

The problem is, after the age of 30 these hormones are on the decline in your body.

The changes can happen slowly and sometimes, like in my case, overnight. 

At the age of 44, I went from a monthly period, to none. 

I was having hot flashes. 

I felt like my body was going to boil over with my erratic moody moods and I lost the outer edge of my eyebrows.

The weight gain, dry skin, brain fog and weak wrist/hand muscles came a few years later.

So I started to dig deeper into what was going on and found some incredible solutions along the way. 

I went back to school and became a holistic health and nutrition coach to help myself. 

Today, I’m here to help you too.


What can you do about your shifting hormones?

You must, and I repeat MUST understand that you are a powerful being.

Your body is doing exactly what it was built to do.

Your signs, your symptoms, are your beautiful body’s way of telling us that something isn’t quite right.

It’s asking you to wake up and do something about it. 

And no, I’m not talking about taking HRT (hormone replacement therapy).

I’m talking about believing that you have the power to transform your body and ultimately your life.

And here’s the recipe to fall in love with your body

The recipe is my framework, I call the BEAR method

I use the BEAR method in my VIP coaching, inside Flourish and the monthly membership, The Calm Cool Collective. 

Here’s how it works and how you can put it to work for yourself right now

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Let's look at what makes up the BEAR method.

B - Belief is step one

Have you ever wanted something so bad and nothing could stop you? 

I remember when our home was available and we got in contact with the owner.

He was the landlord for his mother-in-law’s home. 

Over the course of a few days I had negotiated the deal, and the house was ours for a sweet deal. 

I knew I had to have the house and the huge backyard for our kids.

I agreed to his terms.

My focus was insane and I’m so proud of what I accomplished.

I talked him down from his price and we all walked away feeling amazing.

He got the money he wanted and was no longer a landlord, and we got the home we wanted and 20 years later…still live and love our home

Remember: You are unstoppable, when you put your mind to something.

You are no different. 

You are unstoppable, when you put your mind to something.

You might be saying, well….no that’s not me. 

But why not?

Do you think Serena Williams had focus and belief in her abilities?

Do you think Taylor Swift had a plan to become a megastar? 

You bet.

But they didn’t wake up one morning being a megastar at their craft…They started small and built up their skills over time. 

They added in coaches who worked with their strengths and helped them overcome their weaknesses. 

They fine tuned their belief in their skill set by showing up, and I know you can and deserve the same too.

When you focus on your belief, it’s where you must and will go. 

It’s why I spend time in this area in the programs I teach. 

Don’t get lost in the confusion, but instead stay focused and believe in your success. 

Okay, so you believe in yourself, now what’s this about energy?

E - Energy is step two of the Bear Method

” I want more energy” is one of the most common comments I hear from women.

So let me ask you…

Why do you feel tired all the time?

If energy is all around us, if it’s in the wind, in the sun and in our food.

If it’s inside your body, if it’s generated while you sleep, then why do you feel tired?

Here's a little secret. Energy is also given away

You give energy away, when you push your body in a workout, walk around the grocery store or the block, and make a meal. 

You also give energy away when you interact with others.

When you listen and talk to your kids, friends and husband and live your normal life. 

It’s why your body is built to recharge while you sleep.

So if we have a perfect beautiful body, why are you always tired?

It’s because the balance between energy coming in and energy going out, is unbalanced. 

If you have restless sleep, you’re not recharging your battery. 

How far do you think an electric car would drive, if it charged overnight hooked up to a broken charging station?  

And how far would a diesel car go, if we put regular gas in the tank?

It's the same for your body

Recharging and optimal fuel is vital. 

Watching for food sensitivities is critical for your body to have the energy it needs. 

You need to absorb nutrients from the food you eat. 

Food sensitivities are a leading cause of poor absorption, I see in women everyday.

Inside Flourish, we kickoff the program with an optional 21 day elimination diet.

It helps us to drill down into any problem areas as fast as possible.

Small steps over time are the key

Your body can be off balance when it comes to energy input and output.

Throw in taking care of kids, aging parents, work, your social life and you can see how fast it can happen.

The solution? 

Small steps over time are the key.

I see the biggest wins when women layer in small steps to add more sources of energy back into their body.

Depending on their lifestyle it might be  a morning meditation or a bedtime bath.

The end result is more vitality for all the things they love. 

More laughter and happiness infused into their daily activities is the best start.

Your body can be off balance when it comes to energy input and output.

A & R - Awareness & Response are steps 3 and 4

Now that you understand first two parts of the BEAR method lets take a look at the next two. Awareness and Response which happen to work side by side.

How your respond to your body's signals depends on your level of awareness of what the symptom means

Do you find it easy to “know what to do” but so much harder to actually do the things you know you need to do?  Do you want to know why you self sabotage yourself?

It’s 3 parts: one part belief, one part knowing what the heck is going on and one part what to do!

Your secret weapon are these 3 parts.

1 – Believe in yourself

2 – Be aware of what’s going on

3 – Respond with action.

You can say good-bye to guilt and shame

When you add in knowing why your body is doing what it’s doing. 

Why your hormones are off, how to support them for lasting energy, deeper sleep and a clear head again, it’s like jet fuel. 

It removes the confusion.

You can say good-bye to guilt and shame.

You’ll have a richer understanding of your beautiful body.

You will no longer feel lost, exhausted, bloated or unmotivated.

Instead you’re renewed with being aware of what’s going on and how to respond.

You get it.

You set yourself up for allowing your real life to live with you, not against you.

You laugh more.

You live more.

You love yourself and others more.

Fall in love with your body. Feel confident, in control and feel like you again.

When you believe in yourself and understand what’s going on, action is easy. 

You trust your response.

It’s easier to try something new when you know it will give you energy. 

Your body gives you faster results because you’re no longer guessing.

You’re responding with supportive action and no longer sabotaging your success.

Now it’s your turn.

It’s time to put the BEAR method into action.

It’s time to fall in love with your body, to feel confident and in control and feel like you again.

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Stephanie Huntjens White is a holistic health coach and wellness stylist who helps women flip their 40+ symptoms into their superpower by helping them feel confident and in control of their changing body, in a beautiful holistic way. Book a free 20 minute discovery call

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