The Vitalicious Project


Wondering what's happening to your beautiful body?

When our body shifts, we're left wondering where our calm beautiful self went.

Sound Familiar?

The Vitalicious Project is where you'll discover the easy steps to find the woman you adore.

Tired of feeling tired? You're not alone

How do we know what your body is whispering, if we haven't been taught how to listen? The Vitalicious Project shows you exactly what's happening, why and what we can do about it, and how to live with vitality again.

It's time to leave behind the guilt, confusion and frustration. Say hello to a calmer brain, a relaxed nervous system, a stronger immune system and more libido. Yes, your beautiful body knows what's it's doing, so let's tap into its wisdom and guide it along softly
The Vitalicious Project was designed for women 40+ who are ready to stand up and take control of how they’re feeling.  It’s perfect for women on a new health journey, who are ready to put themselves first and need a step by step plan.  Each step builds on the previous and you’ll be easily lead through a health transformation for your whole body.  It’s based in science, but easy to understand. You’ll be learning about habits, food and how our hormones play a factor in our metabolism, and how we feel and sleep.
The Vitalicious Project is a 4 module, 4 week on-line course that is both simple and deep. You will learn how to keep things very simple and learn the next step you need to take to build momentum. It’s deep because it’s rich in content, but simple in adding ideas into your life.
The Vitalicious Project can be taken alone or added to an 8 week and 12 week coaching package.
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